Xuver – Create scenarios by using the layer function

In this series of blog write-ups, we will certainly put a various Xuver function in the spotlight. We will certainly discuss how each attribute aids in the procedure of clarifying your 3D makes to your clients. In this short article, we will discuss the layers in your model. Our layer feature enables you to show or conceal parts in layers. If you make with software such as Refit, Archibald or export an IFC documents from a various making program, you are familiar with various layers in the design. As the globe’s first in-browser visualization tool, Xuver takes your layout as the foundation of the in-browser version that you can go through, along with your clients. This means that the different layers you used are also added in the layout, they develop the very same team as well as lug the very same name as you utilized in the layout. In the visitor, these layers can be hidden or revealed so you can discuss every aspect of your model, without objects being in the method or components of it remaining hidden.


Designer making use of Revit viewer is as an example very thrilled concerning the capacity to reveal the building and construction to clients. Doing this is quick and easy. In the user interface of the Xuver platform, you can select the alternative ‘layers’. A food selection will unravel on the best side of your display. In this menu you will see the different layers that are readily available to conceal. Mess around by clicking on them; you will certainly see them become unnoticeable one by one. All of a sudden, your model looks rather various, and also previously hidden components involve surface. By clicking the layers once more they will re-emerge, so you can rapidly go back to the former situation.

This feature additionally functions excellent to show different scenarios in your layout. You might reveal your client easily what various sized annexes would look like in an exterior view. Or perhaps the customer wants to get rid of a wall inside their residence. This wall can easily be gotten rid of with the layer function. In this manner, everyone can see what the possibilities are for a new inside or outside! It collaborates with every model in which layers have been modeled. If you don’t have a Xuver account yet, just sign up today and also experience the ease of Xavier’s powerful in-browser visualization. You can invite clients, service providers or associates inside to go through the design with you. Experience the comfort of this powerful in-browser visualization tool today!