Signal booster

For which network mobile phone boosters are available?

Like other essential household things, the phone signal booster is also necessary for today’s life. With technology advancement, the hose goods utility suggests a mobile phone signal booster that you can also purchase online from  A cell signal booster is a device that enhances the present weak signal into the strong signal. The weak signals may have so many reasons so that your mobile phone can’t get a strong network which in result gives a call drop, unclear voice calls. The three components are there which works for a booster system; outside antenna, amplifier and inside antenna. The outside antenna is placed on the top of the exterior flat surface. This antenna receives weak signals from the nearest cellular tower. The amplifier now enhances the input signal to a useable level. With the help of coaxial cable, the amplified signal is transmitted to the interior antenna. The amplified signals broadcasted by an internal antenna in the room are used by cell phones. The system works on the input-processing-output process. The output signals received on the cell phone will be free from any noise and it is totally clean. The signal booster work for all the cellular devices. They work for all data and speeds whether it is 2G voice, 3G data, 4G or 5G. They are also available for the GSM frequency bands. You can select the booster that supports all the network covering frequencies. There are so many options are available according to your needs.

Signal booster

3G Phone signal booster: This is a very cheap choice for the house, showrooms, and offices. These boosters reduced the call drop problems and raise the connectivity of voice and data in almost all 3G networks. They can be installed very easily one also has a guarantee of one year for replacement.

Tri-band signal booster:  A tri-band signal boosters work for almost all the networks. They work for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. They have a high-frequency band of range between 900- 2100MHz. they provide an excellent voice quality and can be work for any device like a smart phone, tablet or data card etc.

4G signal booster: They are a dual-band signal repeater that operates in the tune-up network between the frequencies 900-1800MHz.

2G 3G network booster: They are designed to enhance the signal for 2G and 3g network. They are also a dual-band mobile signal booster.