All About Cell Phone Network Boosters For Fiji

A cell phone booster is also known as a signal amplifier or a signal repeater. Here are the three main components of the signal booster:

  • Exterior antenna
  • Interior antenna
  • Amplifier

All these components will create a wireless network. This wireless network will help boost the cellular signals. Here, let us understand how these boosters work what are their types and how to choose the best.

Phone Signal Booster

What us the role of the amplifier?

An amplifier adds gain or power to the signal reception in many directions. This cell phone booster is basically a repeater system, which makes use of this amplifier. The maximum gain of the amplifier signal booster differs according to any application.

What us the use of exterior antenna?

The job of the exterior antenna is to transmit and receive signals to and from the cellular tower. The power sensitivity of the transmitted and received signals is enhanced as per requirement. The transmission media used is a coaxial cable. The min gain value is 7dB and the max gain value is 10 dB

The main aim of the cell phone network booster for Fiji is to amplify the existing signals by taking it around your car, home or office. This amplified signal is resend or broadcasted to areas with weaker signal strengths.

What are the types of network boosters?

There are two types of network boosters which are available in the markets today, all across the world. They are as follows:

  • Analog Signal Repeaters
  • Smart Signal Boosters

Benefits of a signal booster

  • Boosts or amplifies or enhances voice signals in cars or home or offices
  • Connection is maintained through the voice transmission
  • Widened reception area of the signal
  • Reduced coverage problems, etc

So select your network booster wisely to receive signal for good network connection.